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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Booting off floppy beats the purpose of having an AMiga today for me, floppy drives and disks are getting more and more obnoxious with every day. My Amiga has not had a working floppy in years nevertheless I can still use it thanks to modern storage solutions.
Yes, as i said, it is an option, just not a good one. The point however was that it's already admitted that it is a flaw of the chosen design, so playing the game of "pin the tail" to put the blame on something is a waste of time.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
There surely has to be something that makes regular disks that work with everything else, work properly with it. Why does the access need to be so fast? A 2010 WD hard drive doesn't sound like something old or non-standard enough to be incompatible with.
Access doesn't "need" to be as fast, but in the pursuit of better performance boundaries are pushed. In a perfect world, we get the best performance possible, with 100% compatibility, but in reality it seams you always have to sacrifice something. This, i bet, was a unforseen issue, or there would have been a delay in place for the boot sequence, as default. Some drives are slower then others, some as a part of their design, others due to wear, and yet others just by freak accident. As i said earlier, i got a ACA1230/56, and the harddrive in my miggy isn't ready to boot when the Amiga is, a hotboot fixes it for me. Without the ACA1230 it to works flawlessly. This is a older drive, from a "power efficient" laptop, so i'm betting it's due to the drive design there. Someday i might even check what brand /model the drive is... Cant remember for the life of me. And as it's irrelevant i didn't bother to look right now. The point is, there is always some combinations of new and old hardware that just doesn't work, and the only way to "fix it" is to use a work around. In my case the push of a few buttons is all it takes, and in my world, "CTRL+A+A" is a really cheap workaround. A purist would replace the drive, i got a few other ones that works flawlessly, but they are all older, and smaller. 1.6-2GB. Where is the fun in that.
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