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Metal Gear series would be a great movie, athoulgh I´ve thought, thought, and couldnt come with a name to who should play Solid Snake.

Duke Nukem would be a cool movie too, and there's an actor who was born to do it: Kurt Russel.

I thought about The Secret of Monkey Island too, and I think Rick Moranis should play Guybrush Threepwood, John Goodman should play LeChuck, and Geena Davis could play the governor (She also already made a pirate movie, so she would be at home ). John Leguizamo could play that guy you rescue from the prision to make your crew (I forgot his name).

Snatcher also would made an excellent movie. Kevin Spacey could play Gillian Seed.

I am right now in a fair, "working". The university where I work has a stand here, so I am here, if the computer stops working, I have to fix it. It worked smoothly so far, and I am walking around, having lots of fun. Its completely off-topic, but I just wanted to share this with you guys . And also explains why I cant type too much, so I'll come with more ideas later.
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