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Originally Posted by AmigaDave View Post
How do all the "nay sayers" feel now that over 100 beta test boards sold easily and the first production run sold out in hours by a margin of 2:1?
I feel the same way. It's still way too expensive for me.

I'd imagine the first 100 boards would sell easily - I'd have to assume there are more than 100 people in a worldwide fan base with the right amount of pocketmoney.. if there wasn't there'd be no point in even making a beta board.

I'd be hoping that there would be at least several thousand out there. I'm also hoping that there is enough interest so that they turn a profit on the ones they produce. This being said, putting a margin up against an unknown figure makes for a bit of a toothless point. What is it double of? 100,1000,10,000?

I might have not so quickly shelved it in the 'nope - not for me' bin if OS4 ended up being 'the dogs bollocks' - and there's no way for me to know that - It's not the 80s-90s anymore, I can't go and see it running anywhere.. a couple of grand for a looksee - nah.. that ain't gonna happen.

Either way I wish Amikit all the luck with their new offering, I only wish the folks developing OS4 gave you some better options to do it with.

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