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Originally Posted by Ze Emulatron View Post
I don't know if you want to load your levels from text files and allow users to modify them but this is my example of AmigaBASIC code for reading in text from file, I use a slight variation on this for reading in highscores in my next game. You might be able to modify it to use in Blitz Basic if you want to load your levels from text files and allow users to modify them.
Thanks for that - thing is it's a lot of data to read in. I think it's quicker and easier for the game to read the data as it goes along rather than having to open a separate file to read in all the data into an array. If anybody wants to have a go at making a level, use the existing source code or contact me and I'll do the work of actually putting it in the game.

Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
I have a problem, maybe it is only my feeling: the copperlist is in overscan, but the main game area is only 320 pixels wide. So if the platworm is next to left or right area border, player is not able to jump to the side, although copper creates an illusion that there is still enough space.

The overscan copper effect is nice and I like it, but I am not sure if it doesnt confuse player much. Maybe 1px wide black vertical lines where I drawn those red ones would solve it? Or it is not necessary? What do you think?
It's not an overscan effect at all - a DJCrucicky says, it's because colour zero gets modified and that happens to extend to the borders. I'm not sure it's physically possible to do what you suggest but personally I don't think it's much of an issue anyway.

Originally Posted by frikilokooo View Post
This will have landscapes in the background?It would be nice if it had static landscapes like Pang maybe landscapes of our cities,scanned and retouched with Dpaint
I agree with Wilshy's comment:

Originally Posted by wilshy View Post
Not to mention a static background with your player falling and the screen scrolling down, would just look odd in my opinion.
IF we do an AGA version then I'd definitely want a parallax-scrolling background. A static backdrop would be a bit rubbish. But on AGA, a 16-colour main display plus a separate 16-colour background could be a nice effect.

Originally Posted by bippym View Post
I think the scoring could change. Say for example each platform that is passed without actually landing on it could give a x2, x3 bonus etc

Just my tuppence
Perhaps! I'm still looking at tweaking the scoring system. Watch, as they say, this space.
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