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Originally Posted by 1time View Post
Is the 1231 making faster access then the Blizzard PPC 060@72Mhz 603@330Mhz? Because it works with all my other cards. I will try to get it up running on 4GB cf-card.
Any 020/030 accelerator makes a faster access to the A1200 than a PPC/060 accel. Don't look at the MHz number of that card, but at the bus interface: The PPC and 060 processors don't have dynamic bus sizing, which is why they lose big time if the logic is as limited as it was back in the days when the PPC card was new.

I assume that your harddrive doesn't like the accelerated access during bootup. You could try to boot the computer with the express jumper off and then set it back on after the system has started. The jumper is hot-pluggable. If the system still works, you have a workaround. If it doesn't, you have a slow drive.

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