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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
Can we expect any ACAtune updates for the older 1230's? I have the 56Mhz version (which I love) but you can always do with more speed/features
You won't get more speed out of your card, but we do work on new features. First of all, the problem of "too quick start" can go as far as the computer not finding any harddisks at all if MapROM is enabled, even without IDE-fix express. To get around this problem, ACAtune always had a "patch" switch that adds a 1-second delay to the reset routine. To activate, use:

ACAtune -maprom * p
(or replace the star with your kick-Romfile).

Current work on ACAtune includes the ACA1231 Kick3.0 bugfix and Kickstart patching - those of you who want to load Kick1.2 on an A600 (for example to run AmigaBasic) can do so now, and we also have experimental support for SKick-Patchfiles. The attached version is HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL, but fixes the ACA1231 Kickstart 3.0 memory bug and supports the 30MHz ACA630.


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