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Smile Yes!

Thank you all.
I finally got it working!

In the end I think the problem was that i DIDn't use the same CF adaptor when I was installing on the PC with WinUAE.
On PC I just used an USB card reader.

The main difference was when I had used Diskpart and cleaned the disk.
Because when I startet the diskmanagement tool in windows it prompted to initialize the disk. This didn't happen when using the CF card reader.

Anyways. Here is what I learned to setup the CF card for Amiga 600 using WinUAE.

Tanks for all the help gyus!

SETUP CF CARD FOR AMIGA 600 (using Windows 7 and WinUAE)

Prepare disk

cmd admin rights
select and clean disk
Diskmanagment windows, initialize disk with MBR- add drive letter but no format


start winuae -disableharddrivesafetycheck (with admin rights)
68000 cpu, fastets possible, more compatible
full ecs chipset
3.1 Kickstart (a500,600,2000)
Add harddrive IDE0,Read/write

HD setup in workbench

Start HDtools
add system partition, bootable, standard file system, adv. options - 0x1fe00 press enter (or i dosn't save the setting)
add other partitions
Install workbench to bootable partition

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