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Oh, what a horrible automatic translation :-)

Release date: March is still a possible target. I'm currently negotiating with suppliers to speed things up, because another move of the deadline would not be acceptable. The "A4000D delay" I was talking about in the German forum is also gone - that version is now in my CAD system and I *can* produce it together with the A1200/A4000T version.

The prototype verification I've mentioned in that German post is also done: I now have an "engineering version" of the flashtool here (ugly but functional) and all chip-to-chip communication has been verified positive. The design is ready to go into production on a hardware basis.

There will be drawbacks when the first cards reach the customers: Limited screenmodes, limited output modes, no Graffiti emulation and limited control with the config tool. Flash updates will add features and screenmodes one by one.

chocolate boy,
The set deadlines were all realistic back when I set them. However, my company is not "completely my own" any more. I have a venture capitalist who is financing the Nequester project, and he had me stop all retro-work in october 2011 to fully focus on the VoIP router. With many milestones now reached on that project, I'm back on Indivision AGA MK2 and had to find my way through the notes and source codes that I made between august 2011 and october 2011.

There are no guarantees on the real release date, only probabilities. However, they're high for this current deadline. As always, there *will* be issues with the first versions and you may be disappointed that your favourite screenmode is not supported for the first three months - maybe longer. Please monitor the reseller's pages closely for the actual modes that are "currently" supported and don't buy until the product does what you want it to do "now". Never buy a product for what it may become in the future, but for what it is right now.

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