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I concur

A slight boost in power on the original A600 and additional ram is in my opinion: a balanced and sensible approach for two reasons:

1) Games compatibility:
  • Avoiding the incompatible problems/issues of the A1200/A4000 040/060 cards. 'Think' 030 rather than 040/060.
2) Cost:
  • 70 odd euros is an ideal price for a games machine, which is likely to be playing a poor second best to the 1200/4000 models.

In conclusion: I would happily settle for the original speed, as this would give me greater 'game' compatibility and would hopefully keep the development within a reasonable price range, with either 4 or 8mb ram. I do however completely understand that other's will have different opinions, but from a good return on cost-development prospective? The greater the uniformity (hence software reliability) should generate more sales.
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