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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
I'm interested. I've got a problem with my Bios and hardware emulation in 64 bits, but a 32 version would run I think. If there is any made I would appreciate a PM about this matter.
There isn't a 32bit version,I am making one using Debian and adding theme,shortcuts and emulators.
Can't get compiz to work proberly its my graphics card(not so worried about it if don't thats ok)..

Does anyone know how to put this on a dvd image once I have finished it,If I can't put it on a DVD image I will have to do some sort of pack for Debian..??

Any help anyone can give is welcome and any ideas of what you want in it..

Originally Posted by sneeker View Post
On the spot the differance front, 32 bit is @ 10%, 64 bit is @62%.

Looking at the screenshots though, it just looks like linux, nothing really special about it really.
Well it is Linux and the 64bit is out at the moment and its a beta but it don't work on my IBM Net Vista P4 cos its 32 bit so I decided to make of for it..

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