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I started a thread elsewhere, but had no responses, so thought Id fish here instead

I actually started writing a video editting suite of sorts for classic amiga a little while ago for doing the very thing this thread is about (an easy way to convert videos from current industry standard file formats to something a classic amiga can cope with).

So far I've basically written a front end that incorportates functionality from existing command line tools. ffmpeg has been very handy so far giveing the ability to rip audio tracks, convert between file types, grabbing frames from videos as images (and sewing them back together) and so on. The "problem" however is that it doesnt deal with things like iff anims or iff images so I need to obtain that functionality elsewhere.

Can anybody please recommend any good command line tools to convert from png and/or jpg to iff please?
Also can iff anims stream from harddrive or must they be in memory? They seem the easiest to implement, but I dont really know much about the format. Also, how would I go about constructing a cdxl video from a series of images? Im also wondering what the overhead would be for using datatypes? Could simply running a series of consecutive image files be an option? Without having tried Im going to assuming i/o would be the main issue there?

Anyway, in short Im more than willing to write the software, I just need a few gaps filled in if anyone can help please?
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