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Originally Posted by Patarival View Post
I mean, it was a very important computer, the first real multitasking capable computer and you're an IT guy! Know your roots, man!
Originally Posted by lordofchaos View Post
Wow you know your stuff Thorham...Well regardless of what the first real multi tasking computer was I think we can all pretty much agree that the Amiga was the first "successful" multi tasking computer, this reminds me of another argument, who invented the world's first working computer, coming first doesn't always seem to guarantee recognition, but I digress.
I know my roots and was that "IT guy" Patarival refers to. At the time when Amiga was released my job was with mainframe computers, such as Sperry/Univac 1100 series (Unisys) and Siemens 7500 (BS2000). The bus on those computers were 1024 bits wide IIRC, which still beats the 64bit used in PC systems today, not to mention the operating systems which were multitasking indeed, long before the Amiga.

Regardless of multitasking, the Amiga has soul, no doubt about it. I think any piece of hardware which can stand the tests of time while still having flaws has character, and character is required for that "soul" to slowly build.

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