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I just checked my DVD and it says Predator is a 1987 film, so Jesse Ventura is probably too old to play Navvie . Still I would be happy to see DeNiro playing him. Vinnie Jones might make a good Thug, but that depends on how you rate his acting skills. I thought of a really obvious choice for Gentlemen, Pierce 'Bond' Brosnan, but I think hes probably too 'big' status wise and might spoil the film, whereas Biehn seems quite down to earth. Dammit I really want someone to make a Chaos Engine film now .
Another game I wouldn't mind seeing a film of is UFO: Enemy Unknown. I think it would be hard to pull off a successful film, but if done properly it could be great. Initially a thought of a few characters I'd wanna see in it but I realised they have already played main characters in the Babylon 5 and Stargate series', so its doubtful they would want to act in a UFO film.

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