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Originally Posted by amigoun View Post
Will the legacy 50 Hz mode be preserved on Indivision MK-II?
Sure - some PC monitors (especially those made for gaming) support V-sync support for tearing-free animation, and that has always been a key aspect of the Amiga: Smooth animation in games and demos.

To keep the output as smooth as it was intended by the authors of the games, a V-synced flickerfixer output is required. Indivision AGA MK2 will provide that even better than it's predecessor, because it can output higher pixelclocks. In addition to 50Hz for PAL, it can also do the 62.5Hz that the MK1 design had, but it can also crank up the pixelclock high enough for 75Hz and 100Hz output for PAL, where both these new frame rates would be V-synced.

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