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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
Also, big thanks to dazzleman for his advice, it has certainly worked! I'd like to know what the MOD command actually does, just so I have a better understanding of it.
Hi Graham,

Sorry for butting in here (and I still haven't had much chance to really get started on following your progress yet), but I can answer this one for you.

Originally Posted by dazzleman View Post
If \y MOD 2=0 Then \y=\y-1
Next n

I assume that \y is an integer variable, right?

Well, the MOD function is a bit like divide, but the result is the remainder.

So, \y MOD 2=0 when \y is even, but =1 when \y is odd.

8 MOD 3=2, 11 MOD 4=3, etc.

EDIT: Hey, dazzleman was offline when I started posting!
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