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Predseda has already started work on sprucing up the website

Also, big thanks to dazzleman for his advice, it has certainly worked! I'd like to know what the MOD command actually does, just so I have a better understanding of it.

There's still an issue in that you can still land some way 'in' the platform if you approach it from an angle. Also it is possible to run across a small gap onto another platform on the same row - which happens in the Jaguar version and makes the game more tricky so bonus!

Despite what I said before the fruit problem hasn't been totally fixed yet - and strangely you can actually land on top of some of them and walk on them like they're platforms! This suggests the collision detection is not as accurate as it should be.

Also added - the score counter goes at a quicker rate when you're close to the bottom or the top of the screen. And I've made it slower than it was originally when you're in the middle.

I've also designed a brand new full level to play on - it's very easy but then it is the first level. I wonder if I should make the scrolling a bit quicker to toughen things up a tad...?
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