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Ooooh what a great idea. I'll have a think about it and post again but for now I'll just ask who is Viggo Mortesen, what is he in? I know the others though and I think you need somebody stronger and dumber to play Navvie. I see him as being like Jesse Ventura from Predator, who plays Blane, the guy with the Minigun. Nice choices for Gentleman and Preacher, but I reckon you could come up with a better Thug. How about that nutter in Lock Stock who works for the strip club owner(Hatchet Harry, or is that the owners name?). He was one mean lookin mutha' . I reckon Fishburne would probably be a good madman Mercenary, at the moment I can't think of anyone better.
Well theres some stuff for you to think about for now Dast
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