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My AMOS experiments. Mode7 style.

I posted this on as well, but I think eab may be a more fitting audience. Anyway, long story short Ive found myself with some time to kill and a revoked interest in "mismatch" type software projects. It started with an interview with a person who wrote an emulator in an old version of quickbasic, his idea being that he thought it'd be interesting to see what can be achieved with old basic dialects on modern computer hardware. This appealed to me and ever since Ive wanted to do something similar.

Forward to now and given the free time I have, and boredom, I thought Id finally have a crack at it.

Given my strong interest in the Amiga it was an easy choice to use that as the platform for my experiment, but what language?
Well, this wasnt too difficult a choice either really. I only have copies and manuals/books/etc. for 2 amiga basic dialects, blitz basic, and amos. Blitz BASIC is way too much of a "proper" language, uilising the underlying operating system and libraries, plus proper data structures and so on, so its not a good fit, so Ive instead chosen AMOS. It's the right combination of usable, bad, and fun

Now armed with nothing more than a few decisions and boredom I've started to do some experiments. Things that AMOS really isnt the best choice for, but armed with much more raw cpu grunt than its writers wouldve ever even considered at the time are the order of the day here, and my 1st attempt is a mario kart mode7 style road (bonus points to anyone who can pick the game who's graphics I borroed).

[ Show youtube player ]

Ive made some small changes already (perspective is a little warped in this picture) and am currently adding more detail, a sky, and roadside objects.
I dont know if it'll ever evolve into anything more than an experiment (already have some ideas for a Doom style engine using the technique Ive used here), but it's been quite fun
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