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Good point

Good point to use the adapter with USB. I havn't been using the adaptor for PC - I just used a cardreader. I'll try using the adaptor with USB tomorrow. Got one at work.

Have you switched your CF card to IDE mode? Some cards need that. Unless you do that the card won't be recognized as a bootable IDE device
Do you mean a physical switch on the card - or some software setting? if software setting, what do I need to do? I have made the partition bootable from the HD tools options in workbench.

Did you mount the CF in WinUAE as an RDB device or did you mistakenly added it as a folder?
What do you meen with RDB? I added the CF under harddrive with READ/Write and IDE0.

I've read the instructions over and over.. going blind :-) I think when I test the adaptor, and if it works - I'll make a video or screenshots of my setup, hoping that someone can see the error I am making if such. :-)
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