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Close to giving up

Well used alot of hours tonite.
Whiped the CF card completely using diskpart.
Used WinUAE to setup the card agian. - Starts from the CF HD in WinUAE without problems.
Put it in the A600 - not working.
When holding down the 2 mouse buttons I can go to the Boot options I can see DF0 and CC0 - If i try use them I still just se the normal startup with the floppy.
Should the CF card be a third option here?
Exoansion Board Diagnostic shows noting either. Should the CF HD be listet here?

I am almost givin up. Maybe the CF card dosn't work. But why does it work in emulation?
Is the settings in WinUAE such as CPU, chipset setting ect. not of importance for setting the drive up fore the Amiga hardware? Its is just for the emulation?
Should I try another card?
Also thinking that the IDE dosn't work on the Amiga?
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