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Originally Posted by lordofchaos View Post
True, still there's plenty of documentaries out there on lesser known stories and inovations, maybe because it's a computer and computers tend to get lumped together in a general sphere of ignorance...Or maybe it's a global conspiracy, dun dun dahhhh!
I think there is valid argument that certain historical information about computers is suppressed by pop media. You will often hear it acknowledged that PCs of the 1980s took all day to boot and weighed as much as a refrigerator, but what you never hear is that Amiga computers of that same era were smaller, far more powerful, had vibrant color, stereo sound, and pre-emptive multi-tasking.

In other words, you'll hear the truth that early PCs were crap. But you rarely hear that the Amiga, an eminently superior product, existed at the same time.
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