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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
The Amiga was a machine with a soul.
Absolutely! The disk drive has a character of it's own - NO other computer disk drives made the same 'music' as the amiga drives when loading disks. The 'custom chips' all have soul: - agnus, paula, kickstart. The LED drive lights have soul - they are long and in three coloured parallel bars - so much nicer than a single red 'HAL' LED like most PCs have - and anyone who had an amiga will have goosebumps just remembering those classic drive lights. And then there's the design. And then there's the logo. And then there's the applications and the games and the workbench. The amiga is almost a character - and a mascot - all by itself. Yes I couldn't agree more.

Other annoying things: when they say 'but the PC version is so much better' - oh yeah??!! Keyboard driven CGA/EGA graphics on most games pre-1990, dire sound, clunky gameplay - yeah the amiga still beats some PCs (outside of 3D gaming) even today!
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