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I remember having to fight my dad about even *having* a computer let alone any software for it...

and continually had to deal with walking away and coming back to the machine being unplugged from the wall and whatever I was working on completely wiped.

the situation only got better once I moved out,
as for piracy?... Id get a game copied... and if I liked it try and track down and buy any original...

I still ended up losing the entire collection to a stupid flatmate being into sick shit and
having to call the cops to get him busted for it (they had to check all the disks)

The officers in question just were incapable due to Amiga being so different to check
all the disks, so it all ended up trashed.

Tried my hand at programming on Linux and Windows for a while and I am coming back
to program on the Amiga, just trying what I want on Windows or Linux would actually
need me to apply the equivalent to a rootkit just to get basic stuff done anything like
what I consider to be "proper".

As for anything I write being pirated? I'd welcome people to try it out and then donate
towards updates or changes they want to see, I'm going to be open-sourcing at least
the core sections of code for other developers to learn from as well.

[EDIT:Added Machine Comment]I'm choosing to develop the new material for the NG series,
as I am buying into Amiga OS 4.x and will hopefully get 2-3 machines working together.

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