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Unfortunately, AROS m68k is on the ABIv1 branch (it requires the new DOS Packets support), so you'll have to build your toolchains yourself:

1) git clone git://
2) mkdir
3) cd
4) ../AROS/configure --target=amiga-m68k
5) make -s crosstools linklibs
[wait.... takes quite a bit]
6) Crosstools are now in bin/linux-{arch}/tools/crosstools/
Libs and headers are in bin/amiga-m68k/AROS/Development/
7) Just 'make -s' to build everything.

Bug termillus - I think he's working on an automated build-toaster for AROS (submit sources in a .lha file, get back compiled binaries for all current AROS architectures).

I think he's just waiting for some more demand.
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