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Step 2

So. I got my 3.1 Rom and installed it. Boot is working.
Now, step 2 that is going bad.

I don't have a 3.1 workbench floppy disk.
So I am trying to setup my CF card using WinUAE.
Took me sometime to get the Card recognised in WinUAE (I am using Windows 7) - but finally I got the CF card startet up.

Now, I've partitioned the card and installed Workbench 3.1 on in using this video guide.
[ Show youtube player ]

I can start up WinUAE with the card and loading Workbench. No problem.
I also installed WHDload and installed a game. No problem.

Here is the problem.
I can't boot from the card when I have installed it in the Amiga 600.
It just jumps to the 3.1 startup screen and the floppydrives starts spinning.
I am using this Sandisk CF card.

Here is the Question.
Is it posible to make the CF card in WinUAE and the Boot up on the Amiga 600 hardware? Or do I need to get a Workbench disk and set it up using the Amiga hardware?

If yes.
Can someone help me setting up the WinUAE for a Amiga 600? Maybe some hardware settings in WinUAE was not set correct?

Yes. the partitioned drive DH0 WAS set to bootable... :-)
Yes. the IDE cable is installed correct with the redline towards yourself when the Amiga is opend.

Please help.

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