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Originally Posted by moxavius View Post
Most annoying are big-sounding words used in Information Technology.

Deployment: "We have budgeted $1.5 Million to 'deploy' Windows 7."
Architect as a verb: "Need consultant to 'architect' EMC storage arrays."
Migration: "We're 'migrating' to M-Sexchange."
Enterprise: "Bob's Buffalo Biscuits is migrating to Windows 7 throughout the 'enterprise'."

Even worse are some of the job descriptions I see on Monster. "Ideal candidate will have immediate recollection of every idiotic acronym ever conceived in the last 25 years. Candidate must have 20 years of experience with increasing responsibilities and be willing to work for $10 per hour with eagerness to work nights and weekends. Ideal candidate will be Jesus Christ himself.."
Yes, this pretty much typifies most of the corporate speak out there, for the ultimate in meaningless shallow self-aggrandizing verbiage you only need to listen to a Microsoft Keynote speech, involutunary rage spasms are a given.
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