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Everytime I mention the Amiga now I have to got into a history lession about the machine and it's cutting edge features; or else I get a load of blank faces.

I also used to hate it when they called it a 'games machine', a 'console', or a 'personal computer'! (PC). Technically it's a portable computer (POC), in the same way as the 8bit computers could be thrown into a bag and taken round to a friends house. You can still do this with the consoles today - but not with a PC or MAC so very easily, and with the Amiga there's no monitor required! - Just a telly.

So yeah, it bugs me when they said 'it can't do apps' (I was still using Easycalc years after I bought a PC). It 'can't run 3D games' (hunter?, vroom?, castle master?), 'it can't run Doom' (oh yeah?), 'it's not as friendly as the megadrive/saturn' (based on Sonic?), 'it's outdated' (but so is every other machine out there, including the aging X-360!), 'it's slow' (but boots in 2 seconds!), 'it's basic and bland' (ok, so a graphics card really helps here), 'it can't play video' (balls!), 'it's not compatable with anything' (double balls! - shapeshifter, Pctask), 'it's not a PC' (goood!!!!!!)
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