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Originally Posted by johnim View Post
i go to a retro meet every 2nd tuesday of the month and took my 1200t with mediator,blizzard 1260 see first machine in sig

and i was asked multiply times what spec my pc was to emulate the amiga that good

and i said er this is a real amiga playing real amiga games and software
I can really identify with this, yes explaining your Amiga is real and not being emulated can be tough, especially when you're then told it's easier to emulate the thing...of course you can but that's not the point!

Another one for me is when I'm playing on the Miggy my brother would occasionally drop by and comment, "Why are you playing this old crap for" and then would proceed to play the current game X or call of duty 72 or whatever the bloody hell number we're on now! The irony is that the so called "state of the art" game will age a lot quicker and look ugly in around 3 years, that is when new shaders and gfx cards come along, and a good 2d game that has been rendered well will remain timeless...well in most cases.

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