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It's that time again

You'll notice one or two changes - I've added a copper graduated blue background and Predseda has designed a new font especially for the game so you'll need to install it to your own Fonts directory to use it. If you don't, then the game should still work (though I haven't actually tested this) but you'll be stuck with bad ol' Topaz.

Also I've added the fruit pickups too. You'll only get one at a time and they'll give you 100 points multiplied by the level number (so only 100 points currently). It's not perfect - they occasionally appear in platforms and sometimes it'll flicker slightly when collected. But nothing that can't be sorted out (I hope).

None of the other problems have been fixed and nothing else has been changed (I really need to get around to changing the code DJCruicky suggested - in fact that'll be next), although all the graphics Predseda created are now in the shape files - even though not all of them are used yet.

I admit I haven't done a great deal of work in the last week but I have a bit more time this coming week so hopefully I'll crack on with adding some new level designs as well as trying to fix the little niggly problems...
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