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Question OpenGL Mode questions...

Hello all, got a few questions about hardware stretch mode in WinUAE..

What screen mode is the best to use? I personally use 1280x1024@50Hz (set up using Powerstrip). This seems to work well with vsync enabled. Is a high resolution the best way to go or is it better to try and match the Amiga's?

I have noticed with bilinear filtering turned off that the screen seems to 'shimmer' when scrolling (pinball fantasies a good example). Is this because the stretch mode is filling in pixels where needed? If so, is there a way round this?

Also, when using the Amiga interlaced modes, things become very difficult to read. Is this problem related to the above?? I know I can use Picasso in workbench but games....

Are there any plans to implement some kind of auto stretch/sizing mode? What would be nice if when you run a game, Winuae would know how it's supposed to look on a Pal or NTSC screen and adjust the size/aspect accordingly. I think three modes would be nice, PAL, NTSC and fill entire screen.. probably hoping for a bit much here...!

By the way, I get good results on my 'lowly' athlon 800 if I set the resolution to 32bit colour and the OpenGL depth to 16bit. I don't have low-res checked as this makes certain resolutions look odd. Oh yeah, I'm using a Nvidia Geforce2 ti.

Phew! thanks,

BTW if Toni's reading this, thanks for such a brilliant emulator - really, an amazing piece of work.
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