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A few questions in regards to classic amiga video editting software

A little while ago I was playing around making a "light" video editting suite using, apart from a custom gui, mostly external, existing command line tools and scripts. After having some fun applying some of the conversion functionality in ffmpeg Ive decided to get back to implementing the features that originally inspired me to write it, and that's a way to convert current industry standard video and sound formats to something a classic amiga could play well.

Currently the conversion is done by ripping all (or every "nth", user specified) frames and putting them back together. This is offered by ffmpeg itself, and works great, but there's no option to rip frames as amiga "native" image file formats, so when a person wants to do that I'll have to convert images to a different filetype (ilbm/iff). This is where my questions begin.

Can anyone recommend me some good, redistributable commandline tools to convert to and from iff images please?

Also if someone could give me a brief overview as to what file formats are optimal from a purely end results perspective (ie. disregarding storage space) and any other characteristics that I'll need to know (are they streamed formats, do I need to be able to hold them in ram, etc.). I must admit, even though Ive been an amiga user for nearly 25 years Ive never really explored video beyond a few dpaint animations and video players like froggerng, moovid, ffplay, etc. that deal with more current industry standard video formats.
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