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I think that a great deal of the problem with things like refunds was to do with how Craig Rothwell handled things at his end - he's not a very easy person to talk to or get hold of, and gets quite abusive towards people whose patience (quite rightly) is getting thin. Now that EvilDragon is handling the Pandora, it might be quite a bit easier to get refunds. New pre-orders are very cheap, with the huge majority of the cost of the machine paid when yours is ready.

What remains to be seen is whether or not the unique abilities of the machine (and it's very narrow niche audience) is enough to keep units in production. There's an interesting thread about how the hardware is getting quite dated and I have to agree with them - as far as ultra-portable linux desktops go, there's nothing out there to compare. Netbooks will do the same job, but are nowhere near as small and don't have the gaming edge that the Pandora has, but for people that want gaming on the go there are better options now, and I'm not sure the "pocketable linux PC" angle is enough.

Time will tell, I suppose.

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