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He's far from alone. The official forum is filled with people who are still waiting for what now is a sadly outdated piece of hardware.

It's a shame really. I wanted a "Open Pandora 2.0" that was pretty much identical to the software OS, but instead of a clamshell design, a tablet, with a OSD keyboard. By now it's clear that's never going to happen. They still have to get units to everyone with a pre-order, and after that i guess production will be terminated, and a new model brought in to view. They cant announce that now, everyone would pull their orders, or expect the new model instead of the old one for their pre-order. But the fact is the hardware is simply getting to hard to get hold of, so they cant keep producing the current model for very long...

Sony Vita... We can play PSP homebrew on it, they have a userspace hack that seams to have survived the latest update, but we don't really know anything until Sony starts moving it in Europe. With a bit of luck i can simply swap my PSP for a Vita, and have "status quo" and in time there will be a hack for the Vita it self. I want a OSD keyboard, and a good Amiga emulation, so i can use it on the go. It's never going to replace my real Amiga, but i'm regularly suffering from Amiga withdrawals.
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