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Yesterday the Snesorama staff told me that Snesorama (that was the PSX Datacenter hoster since we started the project 4 years ago) is now closed and that they can't host the PSX Datacenter project anymore. I want to really thank the people of Snesorama for they support in the past and for the help that they gave me in the project.

But now is time to think about the future of the project and since I'm still interested in continuining with it, I want to know if anybody will be interest in offer free hosting to the PSX Datacenter. The project is right now the biggest (at least in size) PS1 Games Database in english language in the Web, at today is more than 7GB of space (including the game entries, covers, screens & manuals) and more than 5500 game entries.

So if anyone is interested in host the site please contact me in the Facebook page of the PSX Datacenter (, make a reply in this thread, or pm me in this board, so i can provide you more information.

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