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Here is the all story :

20 years ago, i had a cracked version of this game on my ECS amiga, perfectly working.
And like many others, i discovered the well known display problem with the weetabix/oracle in the TOSEC set when i tried to transfer it again nowodays.

But i was knowing that a cracked fixed version existed back in the days, because i owned it. So a few days ago, i tried to do something that i normally never do : i transfered the weetabix/oracle [b] cracked version. And really, what a surprise : no gfx garbage, just gfx errors that could be corrected. I was about to use ADF View to exchange the corrupted gfx files with the one taken from the not [b] weetabix/oracle version (without guarantee of course) but i looked for in google if someone had already done this. And bingo, i found someone who had already did the job. It was written what i had in front of my eyes on my A500 screen : "the [b] version is working on an ECS machine with gfx errors but some files remplacements are solving the problem". So i transfered the modified version and bingo, it worked like a charm . I wrote a message to StingRay to inform him about the news, and he learnt me that he actually already knew that a fixed version made by ACU was existing since ages. I asked him if the ACU fixed version had a matter with the [b] weetabix/oracle one and just a few second before answering you Dennis, i just checked the full name of the [b] disk (my disk had a short name that's why i didn't notice this) :

Double Dragon II (1990)(Virgin Mastertronic)[cr OCL][h ACU][t +2 OCL][b]

Dam !!! ACU !!! So i have my answer now StingRay lol, we are talking about the same disk .

That's why i uploaded it today, i think that many people simply don't know about the ACU version and it will make the day of many ECS users.

StingRay, thanks a lot again for the ACU information, if i had talked to you before about this topic, all would have been solved for everyone faster.

Now Dennis you can add this one to your set .

Of course, a real "regular" crack of the 4.01 version doesn't exist yet, but if the game is free about any errors (i didn't test it until the end, so this point has to be confirmed), we have a fixed adf.

Special note for my "compatriote" Dennis : jouer à DD2 sur Amiga avec l'air de musique que tu connais bien sur CPC (vive la touche F2 mdr), et bien c'est quelque chose !!!

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