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My opinion is that it has always been the case that game devs are selling their talents short if they make a clone. Now or in 1987. If you can make a clone, you can make a just as good but different game. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be inspired by great things you like in games. I think Worms is a perfect example. I'm sure they were inspired by Lemmings and started by making their own landscaping routines, and it grew into something with an all new and better gameplay!

And as with remixes, remakes are more of the same. The question that needs to be answered is: if you liked the original so much, why do you need more of the same and why is the original somehow not good enough anymore.

Retro remakes (ie. emulating the retro style as well) make even less sense to me. I don't mind so much if the game is a spinoff for modern hardware, but if it doesn't offer some advantage like nicer gameplay or more levels or something, then you *just* want to replace the hardware. And then you need to explain what you dislike about the old hardware - and if you don't dislike it - what you are doing playing the same software on a new platform.

If someone is looking to make a remake, I can see 3D games getting just a facelift and nothing else; they often didn't benefit from an accelerator on Amiga so most of them are still nice to play but ass slow even on 68060.
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