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I've been out of the scene for over 10 years, so I was just wondering what had been happening.

When I left Bill and co were just getting up and running with Amiga Inc, and when I returned (couple of weeks ago) Bill and Co are still running Amiga Inc. As far as I can tell? they haven't done anything, except repeating the same old stories, as reported in the last few issues of the AF.

I spent a few hours reading up on the 3 different Amiga Inc, and court-case/copyright issues man I'm so sorry I went down that rabbit hole!! I sort of always assumed that: bill and ted were a little on the 'walter mitty' side, with their long imaginative story telling but yet, I ask myself something rather interesting: how can someone run a company with zero products, and zero sales (except tacky mice and mouse mats) for over ten years? I reckon they should write a book about it! now that would be a best seller

Bill and Ted's bogus adventure?

On a positive note:the Natami looks pretty good tangible and real?

PS: I was pmsl at one of the Gateway/Acer patents! The 2 button mouse

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