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Amiga stuff What do you reckon of remakes

Hi all..

What do you all think of Amiga remake of games today? And does this affect how you use your Real Amiga today, if you still had it. Or have you switched to emulation and rely on that.... Also, if used, do you use the emulation any more, about the same, or less than your PC now-a-days.

E.g Anyone that has an iPad,, look at Grunts (Canon Folder rip-off), or Caveman 2 HD (Lemmings rip-off). they changed it soo much, its no longer the game I grew up with.. Plus,SOny is still got the copyright of Lemmings, but Cavemen? come on .

I'm curious as to the AMiga community now, how big it actually is today worldwide. And how popular it really is, or just the fact that its still thriving due to emulation alone (including hardware emulated)

The reason why, is I used to, have an Amiga 500, amiga mags and all AR cartridge and GVP 20MB hard drive.

However, now i have a PC, and the fact that I can go "back* for the most part thanks to emulation, troubles me..... as I'm starting to think its just not the same without the real hardware. On the flip side, however, all of real hardware is becoming scarce anyway, so I guess at one point, i'll have no choice. *shrugs* But still wanna re-live all my Commodore days (Not only the Amiga but also C64)
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