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Originally Posted by keitha1200 View Post
Gateway was taken over by Acer so I would speculate: they are now the owners of the Amiga patents, brands etc.
There are publicly accessible databases for patents, trademarks and domains, and they show that the trademarks and the domain are indeed owned by Amiga Inc. There's absolutely no need to speculate here: Amiga Inc. (at least one of their many incarnations) does own the trademarks.

Gateway (Acer) does indeed own the patents, but they are pretty useless by now.

Originally Posted by gilgamesh View Post
Almost all trademarks have expired.
The important one ("Amiga") didn't, a complete (and very long) list can be found here:

It is unclear who really owns AmigaOS and Kickstart right now. ESCOM did not own them in the first place.
Another inaccurate claim. It's not clear if ESCOM owned them, they very well may have. Not that it matters anymore...
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