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Hi guys,
I can get it to run in a window by adding '-w' to the command line in the properties tab of the D2 shortcut. It then just has 3 settings for window size 'min, med, or max,' and I can't seem to change the window size using my mouse pointer.
I have no idea what the nofixedaspect thing is. Is it a command or ini pref I have to start somehow?
The multires mod only works on the 1.12 patched version of LOD expansion. I am having to use the digital version as my disks are scratched and it seems to automatically download as 1.13d. As far as I can tell this latest patch was distributed only a couple of years ago - that's some support, its ancient.
As a side note I heard today that Diablo 3 is penciled in for a late June release.
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