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Latest winUAE + XP = Joystick Problems AGAIN!

I give up! I have a PCCompetitor interface for the PC. This basically plugs into the PC Joystick interface and outputs to two classic D-type sockets.

I knew that there was a problem with the interface and windows XP. Specifically the only way to set up two joysticks was to set up a 4-axis 4-buttons in windows and apply each axis to the joystick set up on the emulator.

This worked fine with WinUAE 0.8.22R1. After that it got messed up again. It's annoyng to enjoy some new features and lose some others when you upgrade to a newer version. This time one of the 2nd joystick's axis is dead. I always check with another ST emulator, STEEM, whether my windows joystick setup is corrupted. It works fine with it.

Can we please find a way to stabilize this thing?
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