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Very interesting question, in regards to ownership. After reading this thread (and my confusion about the Commodore brand) I thought I would have a wee look.

Here's my understanding and time-line of who owns what:

1) Commodore and Amiga are spilt into two different divisions within Escom
  • Escom goes bankrupt
  • Tulip buys the Commodore Division (for PC brand)
  • Gateway buys the Amiga Inc Division (47 Amiga patents)
2) Gateway closes down Amiga Inc (1999-ish) but retains ownership of patents etc.
  • Allows/sells Bill and Ted lifetime exclusive Amiga license.
  • Bill and Ted call their new company 'Amiga Inc'.
  • Bill and co sell licenses to other firms (Commodore USA, etc)

It appears to me that any company or person claiming to be Amiga are NOT Amiga, but merely licensee of the brand and intellectual rights (same idea as the local Mcdonald's actually claiming to be Mcdonalds or a fuel station buying a license from Rolls Royce, then claiming their selling Rolls Royce fuel). It is possible the Bill and Co could sell an Amiga license for making toilet seats, as the Gateway deal allowed them to do so.

Gateway was taken over by Acer so I would speculate: they are now the owners of the Amiga patents, brands etc. However they can't actually use the brands/patents without legal problems because of the license deal Gateway made with Bill and Co (I believe).

In conclusion; It's a complete mess and i have to strongly agree with general opinion within this thread. It's a pretty sad state of affairs, where small-time companies, are trying to milk every last drop out of the Amiga brand name.

I spent a few hours researching this (google and old AF mags) If I'm wrong? please point-out my mistakes

PS: Commodore branding is done by licences also, via the holding company

Commodore International B.V.

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