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Originally Posted by Hattig View Post
Cool stuff.

How about making it a bit harder as you go on?

I was thinking things like 'sticky platform' that slows you down, or spikes?

Are you using sprites for the players? And fruit? That would allow you to have a dual playfield - 8 colours for the platforms, 8 for the background, to get a bit more of that Jaguar feel whilst retaining full colour objects.
Thanks for the comments!

Not sure about spikes or things like that. The original versions don't tend to change very much from what I've played of them, just the layouts that get a bit harder (i.e. less gaps to fall through etc). So it will be a good test of my design skills when I come to put together the proper levels.

I'm not using any hardware sprites at all. Your suggestion would probably have worked but it never really occured to me to be honest. I might do an AGA version with parallax backgrounds later on though.

Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
I was also thinking about the score system. I think time-based score will not work well for 2 players game, because it means both players will have exactly the same score until one dies. Maybe if you want to have the game very fruity, it could work as a fruit chasing competition. I'd suggest then to add many kinds of fruits with different values, to have lets say 30 kinds.
Originally Posted by DJCruicky View Post
Make it so you get more points if the player is near the bottom of the screen than the top.
Interesting ideas. Without doubt the two-player mode will be the hardest feature to make worthwhile. As I said earlier, when you collect fruit you get extra points so it's not a total disaster but it needs a bit more than that. I was also thinking about powerups that either double or halve your current rate of scoring for a set time so that could work too. But I like DJCruicky's idea. I'd probably expand on that and say that if you're in the middle of the screen (where you're always 'safe') you get less points than both the top and bottom. But if you get more near the bottom then that introduces a risk/reward element which in a two-player game could make all the difference.
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