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Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
Where in the rules & help page does it say you can't discuss this handling and usage of ROM files? Sorry but you know I jump on all this making ROM files into a taboo topic.
Sending a ROM to someone to burn to a ROM is not discussing.
People have also posted info on where to get priated ROMS.
Clearly against the rules.

I normally dont say anything, but this is blatent piracy.
I like the way you have jumped on me and I was'nt the first to comment.

I have no problem in this topic, as its relavent for new accellerator cards (ACA cards, that can boot 512kb / 1mb rom images).
I have made my own for my A600 using an ACA card, using 3.9 updates. Removes all reboots 3.9 has when updated.

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