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Originally Posted by DJCruicky View Post
I had a look at your code (hope you don't mind)
Well if I did mind I wouldn't have included it

Seriously, many thanks for pointing that out, I had no idea that was the case! I will modify that soon and save myself some headaches later on for sure. That would have totally stumped me later on otherwise so thanks!

If you get the time and inclination, I would appreciate if you could perhaps help me out regarding getting the character to always stand 'on' the platforms rather than being buried inside them half the time as I've had a few problems with that.

Originally Posted by mihcael View Post
Starting off inertia seems a bit sluggish, but i think the stopping inertia is very good. Of course this depends on the surface, i assume this is a normal surface, not ice.
Yeah, it is indeed a normal surface. I don't really have any intention to include ice or any other surface (mostly because I can't stand icy surfaces in games) so I need to nail this one straight away. Thanks for the feedback though - it is probably slightly sluggish, and I'm really still trying to find the correct balance between the inertia being too heavy and too 'floaty'.
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