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Hey Graham, you got yourself a nice little project going there. Really cool so far. I think you now know all the plan and suffering I went through making Alien Fish Finger . Now that was an inertia monster .
Well i'm not here to help you on your inertia problem , but...

I had a look at your code (hope you don't mind), found something that would stop your 2 player mode working.
You have used the command:
USEPATH ply(n)
Now I don't know if you will love me or hate me when I say this, but you can not use variables between the brackets with this command. Has to be numbers. When blitz2 complies the code, that number will never change.

A quick and painless way to get your 2 player working is to delete that command USEPATH ply(n) and add ply(n) to the start of every variable. eg ply(n)\fall (just use the find and replace all option, very quick)

also change all the 'joyx(1-numplayers) to 'joyx(1-n)

Don't forget to set up variables for player 2 also.

Hope I saved you from getting a on that one.

Have fun.


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