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Okay then, so I've just found time to upload my latest version. Inertia is now implemented which is the biggest change - I'm not sure if this 'feels' right or not so I would especially like feedback on this.

Also you score a point every second you stay alive. One of the things I want to implement very soon is the pickups, which give you 100 points multiplied by the level number you are on. And possibly speeding up/slowing down the score counter too.

There are a couple of little problems I am aware of, one of which is the little bug where the player's feet is buried halfway in the platform, and some slight glitches when the player falls onto a platform just off the bottom of the screen.

As always, source code is included so do have a play around if you're that way inclined, and maybe do me a favour and help me fix any problems

There isn't a lot new to sink your teeth into here but as I said, not much work was done last week. Next week I'd like to get the pickups implemented, and perhaps a nice copper graduated background. And if anybody can recommend a suitable 8x8 proportional font to use in place of Topaz that would be nice too.
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