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For those that don't have an idea what Mas Player is:

And just to be clear: With this small board connected outside your Amiga you can play MP3's with any Amiga, forgetting about an expensive accelerator or a problematic sound card.

Edit: Here's the info to make it:

"MPEG hardware for the AMIGA

Hardware based MPEG audio decoder for the Amiga printer port.

What is MPEG audio?
MPEG audio is a compression procedure for audio data.
It is also well-known under the names MP2 or MP3.
It is possible to reduce music pieces to a data quantity of approximately 1/10
by this procedure.
That means, a music piece of 30 MB size shrinks to 3 MB without a loss of
hearing quality.
With this comparatively small data quantity, it will be attractive to play ones
music pieces on the computer.

Why a hardware for decoding?
The Amiga of course is also able to play MPEG compressed music pieces.
However each Amiga has still the old custom chip "Paula" on the motherboard.
This audio chip is only able to produce 8 bits.
But if you manipulate the software, it produces 14 bits (with approx. 27 kHz).
However to achieve CD quality during playback, a 16-Bit sound card and at least
a 68060 processor with 50 MHz is needed.
PowerPC owner (like my fewness) will sneer to this problem because they have
enough performance available.
However most Amiga owners have still an older model located in the corner, which
can be converted with few expenditure to an MPEG Player.
The advantage of an Amiga computer is that it can be attached to each TV set.
Thus it is possible to select the titles visualy, and to place the Amiga for
example near the stereo system.

For whom is this circuit suitable? This circuit is suitable for all who want to
convert their old Amiga with small expenditure to an MPEG Player.
Because of the hardware based decoding a standard 68000 should be sufficient.
But it would be better to use a 68020 or higher in my opinion.
A sound card for the Amiga is not necessary, because the DAC (digital analog
converter) on the circuit fulfills this function.
Playback takes place with 18 bits at 44100 Hz (CD quality).

Which Amiga computer are compatible?
This circuit works with all Amigas, which possess a parallel port.
My software addresses the port chip (CIA 8520) directly to reduce time.
That should not cause problems, because all Amigas possess this chip (except the
Amiga clone "Draco").

In the case someone ruins his Amiga, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE!
Anyone who is stimulated to tinker, solders on his own risk!

Much fun with soldering!"

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