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I've done another "small" update to my list:
What attracted my attention is that the most games for SNES beginning with "Super ..." seem to be really good...

Actraiser SNES
Aeroblasters MD
Alien Storm MD
Animaniacs MD
Animaniacs SNES
Axelay SNES
Batman & Robin SNES
Battletoads SNES
Biometal SNES
Blackhawk SNES
Bubsy SNES
Bubsy 2 MD
Championship Pro-AM MD
Chester Cheetah SNES
Chiki Chiki Boys MD
Chuck Rock MD
Crazy Chase SNES
Darius Twin SNES
Desert Strike SNES
Diddy's Kong Quest SNES
Dinosaurs SNES
Dizzy MD
Dungeon Master SNES
Ecco MD
Elemental Master MD
Ex-Mutants MD
FIFA (all) MD
Final Fight (all) SNES
Final Soldier PCE
Formular One MD
Gaiares MD
Galahad MD
Ghoul Patrol SNES
Gleylancer MD
Heberekes Popoon SNES
Humongous Adventure SNES
Illusion of Gaia SNES
Image Fight 2 PCE
James Bond MD
Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour SNES
Jordan Adventure SNES
Kawasaki MD
Kiki Kaikai Ninja SNES
Lamborghini SNES
Legend SNES
Lemieux Hockey MD
Lemmings (all) SNES
Lemmings (all) MD
Long Raiser MD
Lunar (all) MCD
Magic Guy MD
Magical Quest SNES
Marble Madness MD
Master of Monsters MD
Mega Bomberman MD
Mickey Mania SNES
Mickey Mania MD
Micro Machines (all) MD
Might and Magic MD
Mystical Ninja SNES
NBA Give 'n go SNES
NFL Sportstalk Football ´93 MD
NHLPA Hockey '93 MD
Night Trap MCD
Operation Logic Bomb SNES
Over Horizon MD
Parasol Stars PCE
Parodius SNES
Pebble Beach Golf Links SNES
PGA Tour Golf (all) MD
Pilot Wings SNES
Pipe Dream SNES
Pitfall MD
Pitfall SNES
Psycho Pinball MD
Pushover SNES
Redzone MD
Return of the Jedi SNES
Robocod MD
Rocketknight Adventure MD
Rolling Thunder 2 MD
Rolo to the Rescue MD
Shadow Dancer MD
Shadowrun SNES
Shaq Fu MD
Shining Force 2 MD
Shinobi 2 MD
Silpheed MCD
Snow Bros. MD
Sol-Deace MD
Son of Chuck MD
Soul Blader SNES
Soulstar MCD
Spindizzy Worlds SNES
Street Fighter Champion Edition PCE
Streetracer SNES
Streets of Rage MD
Striker SNES
Super Bomberman (all) SNES
Super Dragon´s Lair SNES
Super Formation Soccer 2 (all) SNES
Super Monaco GP 2 MD
Super Off Road SNES
Super Pang SNES
Super Shanghai SNES
Superstar Soccer Deluxe SNES
Sword of Vermilion MD
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... MD
Tetris 2 SNES
The Games: Winter Challenge MD
Thunderhawk MCD
Tiger Heli MD
Tournament Golf MD
Troll Island SNES
Turtles in Time SNES
Ultimate Soccer MD
Vectorman MD
Violent Soldier PCE
Vortex SNES
Wrestlemania (all) MD
Wrestlemania SNES
Zelda (all) SNES
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