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Amiga 600 CF project gone bad

SOLVED! Solution in the end of the thread.

Hi guys.
Thx for this incredible forum!

I just found my old Amiga 600 up in the attic some weeks ago.
All the memories quickly came back, but lot of my floppydisk is gone or not working anymore.

I quickly started my Amiga project.
The project is to use the Amiga 600 hardware with CF hard drive, WHDload and WHDgames.
Not emulation on PC.

I’ve used days and hours figuring out how to set it up and installing workbench with WHDload through WINUAE.
I am almost there. I got everything running in emulation with WINUAE booting from the CF card.

Here is the problem.
The Amiga is not accepting the CF card as a hard drive. It just boots from the ROM chips on the MB.
After investigating I found that the Amiga 600, which I got, has a ROM v. 37-299 – thus not supporting HD boot.

Here is the Question.
Now what do I do know.
1. I find a used chip which has a 37.350 ROM (never only supported to the Amiga 1200 right??)
2. Is it possible to upgrade the software on the ROM chips in the Amiga 600??
3. I skip the hard disk boot, and boot from a Kick start/Workbench floppy disk and then access the CF hard drive? (But how do I get / make a floppy disk for the Amiga)

Thanks in advance for your input.


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